Michael Quach, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist
Integrative Psychiatry for Men

Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluation

In order to appropriately diagnose your psychiatric or psychological problem, Dr. Quach offers a comprehensive psychiatric consultation.  He takes special care in gathering relevant information to determine the most likely diagnosis and most effective treatment for you.  He considers a variety of aspects of your situation when determining the best treatment plan, which may include information about your health, illness, and past medical and psychiatric treatment.  Please note the first appointment is a consultation only, and does not necessarily establish a doctor-patient relationship.

Medication Management

Because there are potential risks and side effects of some psychiatric medications, medications will only be recommended following a thorough initial evaluation.  Dr. Quach encourages his patients to carefully consider the potential risks of psychiatric medications prior to starting treatment.  Before starting you on a medication, he will discuss with you the potential risks, benefits, alternatives, potential side effects, and potential medication interactions of this medication.  Depending on the medication, you may need baseline and ongoing lab tests to monitor the effects and possible side effects of medication.  If you are seeing other professionals as part of your health care (e.g., therapist, primary care physician), Dr. Quach will ask that you sign a release of information so that your care can be optimally coordinated.


As a psychotherapist, Dr. Quach strives to offer caring and empathic treatment.  The modalities of psychotherapy that he uses include psychodynamic, existential, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal psychotherapy.   Some benefits of psychotherapy include:
  • Building confidence
  • Enhancing coping skills
  • Improving problem-solving
  • Understanding interpersonal difficulties
  • Increasing success at beating an addiction
  • Controlling how you feel and think about yourself
  • Reducing the impact of distressing symptoms on your life
  • Recognizing life-long patterns of behavior and how to improve those behaviors
Dr. Quach often recommends psychotherapy in combination with medication management.


You may want a second opinion, or your current provider may have diagnostic questions or suggestions on ways to enhance your care.   In these situations, Dr. Quach may only meet with you on one or two occasions, focusing on the consultative questions, and then have you follow up with your current provider.

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