Michael Quach, MD
Board Certified Psychiatrist
Integrative Psychiatry for Men

"I have always known Dr. Quach to be an excellent physician, extremely compassionate and effective with his patients, and able to reach out empathically to people from all walks of life."
Justin C. Young, M.D. / Psychiatrist, Menlo Park-CA 

"Dr. Quach is one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I have met. It has been such a great privilege to work with him at Stanford." 
Amy Alexander, M.D. / Psychiatrist, Stanford-CA

"Dr. Quach has a gentle, compassionate presence. His approach to his work is based on a sincere interest in helping others in a caring and nonjudgmental manner."
Sven Ohah, Psy.D. / Licensed Clinical Psychologist, San Jose-CA 

"Dr. Quach is a remarkable psychiatrist on many levels: he is a compassionate, caring, and very knowledgeable professional. I know that when I make referrals to him, my patients receive excellent care."
Aurianne J. Dorsay, Ph.D. / Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Willow Glen-CA

"Dr. Quach is an extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and thorough psychiatrist whose warmth and responsiveness mixes well with his commitment to work with each patient to give them the best and most current therapeutic regime."
Keith C. Kellogg, L.C.S.W. / Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Los Gatos-CA 

"I first met Dr. Quach when he spoke to my graduate students at Santa Clara University. What first impressed me about him was his warmth, sense of humor, kind attention and ability to ask well-targeted questions. As a therapist, it is a pleasure to know a compassionate psychiatrist to whom I can confidently refer and one with whom I can comfortably collaborate."
Susan Scott Hennings, L.M.F.T. / Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, San Jose-CA

"Dr. Quach works very well managing medication and interfacing with the primary therapist.  He is a compassionate doctor who treats his patients with utmost kindness and understanding."
Russell Wilkie, L.M.F.T. Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Campbell-CA

"Dr. Quach has the rare combination of superior clinical knowledge and an outstanding and compassionate bedside manner." 
Manoj Waikar, M.D. / Psychiatrist, Los Gatos-CA

"Dr. Quach is a competent professional who takes the time to understand his patients and their problems. He pays close attention to details to ensure that the needs of his patients and their families are met. Dr. Quach respects and understands cultural diversity and is skilled when working with people from different backgrounds. Of most relevance is the fact that he is an empathic, compassionate and kind doctor who takes the time to listen." 
~ Malathy Kuppuswamy, M.D. / Psychiatrist, Stanford-CA

"Dr. Quach is a pleasure to work with.  He is warm and compassionate towards his patients.  He is very thorough in his initial evaluation of the patient. I have found him very accessible and quick to call back if I have any questions."
~ George Deabill, Ph.D. / Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist, Palo Alto & Saratoga-CA

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